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Lisa Ann Edwards, leading expert in the field of coaching, possesses a unique skill-set — cultivating excellence in others while delivering tangible results. Her specialized ability to provide measurable return on investment for clients has demonstrated upwards of 251{1d4a9b90cc85b8a902313ea20560b5cc27f7ca82dd4ecc7ff58f6b7243b09e73} ROI, and lifted employee engagement nearly 20{1d4a9b90cc85b8a902313ea20560b5cc27f7ca82dd4ecc7ff58f6b7243b09e73}. Lisa is the globally acknowledged pioneer and thought leader on Coaching with ROI, a methodology she developed specifically for coaches to deliver measurable and tangible results in a traditionally unmeasured space, elevating the perception, impact, and importance of coaching  worldwide.