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Dear ICF colleagues, We want to take the opportunity to wish you inspiration and progress in spreading the coaching culture in your country, and building a network of like-minded people for connecting, sharing and growing. Furthermore, we want to invite you to connect with us on a personal level, and help bring all our members closer together to share, learn and have fun! We believe that it would give us all a feeling that we are a part of something bigger, and it would also enhance our ability to take advantage of our global network. Some of the ideas we’ve had about how we might do this:

  • We could do teleconferences during our member meetings having synchronized them in advance.
  • We could exchange knowledge and expertise between members by facilitating workshops online or onsite.If any of you want to come to visit us here in Lithuania you are always welcome.
  • We would be happy to organize an event with the local community.
  • Likewise, we would be very happy to visit you too.
  • Please write back to us with your ideas and suggestions or just to say hello to our members.

Iki – („see you“ in Lithuanian) ICF Lithuania team


  • ICF South Australia – I would like to take up your invitation to connect with you and your membership. I believe it would be valuable for us to knowledge-share and bring the international coaching community closer.
  • ICF Hungary -Let’s keep all these ideas in mind and see how we can cooperate in the  future.
  • ICF Switzerland – ICF Lithuania, what a great initiative.  I wish you the very best. If you or your team are ever in Switzerland (near Geneva), you are more than welcome…
  • ICF New York, USA – Thank you for reaching out to us here in the USA and NYC.
  • ICF Connecticut, USA – It would be great. Hugs and iki.
  • ICF Chicago, USA -I think I like all the ideas you have presented. It will be awesome to bring the international enrichment to coaches all over. And of course you are always welcome to visit Chicago. Peace.
  • ICF Singapore – This is just a quick note to acknowledge that I have received your message and like your ideas.
  • ICF Israel – I’m happy to take a part and waiting for our conversation .
  • ICF Beijing Chapter, China – 您发给我的信件已经收到,我会尽快回复。谢谢!I have received your letter and I will reply soon. Thanks!
  • ICF Xi’an Chapter, China – 您发给我的信件已经收到.
  • ICF Netherlands – Thanks for your enthusiastic and inspiring email ! We would love to be in contact with your Chapter.
  • ICF Orange County, USA – Hello ICF Lithuania! What a pleasure to hear from another country and your ideas. I would love to explore the opportunity to expand to a global level with the coaching community